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  • Claire Jordan

The Shiny Badge

How might you even describe the look in this lovely lad's eyes?

He seems haunted and hunted and the reason is likely to be the shiny badge pinned to his lapel.

For this is a Silver War Badge and from 1916, it was granted to men who had been to War but had become through their experiences so injured or sick that they were discharged as permanently unfit for further military service.

This lad is awfully young to be so badly hurt or poorly; this is a face which has stared down demons and faces them still.

The badges were designed to stop over-zealous ladies handing out white feathers to un-uniformed men in the street, trying to shame them for cowardice.

Whatever earned him his Silver War Badge, this chap is proud of his SWB, presumably the reason for having his portrait taken, and he is certainly no coward.

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