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  • Claire Jordan

Saving Teddy

Two small sisters who have clearly been through it, busily saving a very important member of the family during the Liverpool Blitz in May 1941.

From the highchair, he remains vigilant for further aerial attacks.

And they were coming.

Over seven nights in the first week of May, more than 680 Luftwaffe bombers targeted Merseyside, dropping 2315 high explosive devices and over a hundred incendiaries, setting ablaze large areas of the city.

In just that week, 1746 civilians were killed and 1154 injured.

The casualties would undoubtedly have been worse without the tireless efforts and staunch bravery of the emergency services and rescue workers, people like Daniel Collins, a Sergeant with the Liverpool City Police.

Gazetted 3rd October 1941, his George Medal citation runs:

“A shop, with house quarters above, was demolished by a bomb. The occupier's wife and two children were trapped in the cellar by a large quantity of debris.

Sergeant Collins began tunnelling and after strenuous efforts reached the casualties.

Portions of the building were continually falling, there was an escape of coal gas and the wreckage was on fire.

In spite of these dangers, the Sergeant redoubled his efforts and, with other help, the three persons were eventually released.

Collins' excellent work, performed with total disregard of his own safety, was instrumental in saving three lives.”

Can only hope these two little girls and Teddy made it through what was still to come.

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