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"Never Forgotten By Mum & Dad"

"Never Forgotten By Mum & Dad"

This is the lovely epitaph of 18 year old Southall-born Ernest Rouse, the only surviving child of his road-sweeper Dad Isaac and laundress Mum Caroline.

He had been at the Front for almost a year when his luck ran out on 20th July 1916; he was then buried at Funky Villas (#CWGC's Foncquevillers British Cemetery), south-west of Arras.

His Mum and Dad really can't have had much money, bless them.

But they were determined to find enough to pay the 3 pennies a letter it cost to have these words engraved on his headstone, making sure that for the rest of time, no one who sees his grave can be in any doubt about how much he was loved.

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