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  • Claire Jordan

"... Because of These"

“We Must Be Braver, Truer and More Generous Because of These.”

Kneeling in the autumn sunshine last October at this impossibly-beautiful CWGC cemetery at Aubigny-en-Artois, I have seldom been so unstrung by any headstone.

This was chosen for 19 year old, Dumfries-born 2nd Lt Archie Morton Sanders after he died of wounds received at the Battle of Arras on 9th April 1917.

A medical student at Glasgow University when the War came, he was his parents Archibald & Annie’s only son.

His Captain in the King’s Own Scottish Borderers wrote home to them:

“He fell in action while leading his platoon. He was a courageous and capable young officer, greatly beloved by his brother officers and by his men.”

Splendid Archie, we will try to be braver, truer and more generous because of you, because of all of you

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