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Dear Claire, Thank you so much for the information on John Henry Morgan. I realise that it is not a lot, but I am so grateful for what you have done for me. I have sent your cheque of for the amount you stated. If you do find anything else I would be very grateful and of course I will pay you for any work that you do for me. Again, my heartfelt thanks go out to you. At least I have something to show for two years of trying and I am so pleased that I never stopped looking for him. The little bit of information you have given me is not a lot but, it means so much to me, I will be eternally grateful to you . Again thank you very much. Roger Morgan, Gloucestershire

Claire, I am absolutely delighted with the report. It's more than I ever hoped to find out about my grandfather... Your work really does bring him into focus. He has always been out there as a name but you have put life into him and I actually now have some feeling for him as a real person.... Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for your superb efforts, Claire. You have opened a window for the family - and particularly myself. Fred Kennedy, New Zealand

Some great research Claire and I feel I'm getting to know the man behind the medal. Russell Turner

Claire, a big thank you for the fantastic and comprehensive research that you have carried out on my behalf, truly amazing. I love the enthusiasm in your writing which brings it alive. Michael Pedy, Sussex

Claire, you've done a tremendous amount of work at such value. Your report is meticulously prepared and a pleasure to read... I'm humbled at the quality of your work and the way you've tackled the difficult challenge. I truly appreciate the thought and effort you've expended... I'll certainly be recommending your service to everyone who's researching their family. Mr Cotter, Brisbane, Australia

I cannot thank you enough for all this work Claire. It’s amazing… you are a star! Mrs J. Enders, Gloucester

Claire, splendid, erudite, a determined feat of research; you have exceeded all our hopes. Robert Fingall, Totnes, Devon

This has meant so much to me Claire, and also to my Father, who is 94 but never knew about his Dad’s war. Mr Derek Williams, Adelaide, South Australia

I don’t know how you have managed to find so much information Claire. Thank you for a magnificent effort of research. No one in the family had any idea that our ancestor had such an exciting time of it… we are so made up! Ellen Granger, South Witham, Lincolnshire

Claire, my family and friends still talk about all you managed to uncover for us last year. Mrs Rogers, Wellbank, Angus, Scotland

I spent so long looking in the records for what happened to my Grandad. I still can't believe you solved the mystery! Thank you so much, Claire. Gwen Thompson, King's Lynn, Norfolk.

Extraordinarily efficient service. You explained everything so clearly and they whole project has been much less expensive that I had anticipated. Mrs Dorothy McKay, Northumberland

It means a great deal to have this part of my family tree sorted out - I can't thank you enough.Mrs Lister, Penzance

You obviously care a great deal about your work, and your empathy is much appreciated. Mr A. Peters, Stoke-on-Trent

Remarkable feat of deduction, despite the lack of surviving records; thank you for making such an effort on our behalf. We're putting together a presentation for our Dad for his 94th birthday from all the documents and information you've sent us. He's going to be so thrilled. I'm sure this will mean as much to him as it has to us. Sydney Fenton, Whitstable, Kent

Re Lt Col A Durnford RE - Claire has been absolutely wonderful, and done a remarkable job. I doubt if anyone else would have achieved the result that she did. attributed to Kris Herron, Australia

Dear Claire, I have written the testimonial below for your website: For anyone seeking to research the war history of a relative then I cannot recommend the service that Poppy Research offers highly enough. Claire is well informed of where to trace relevant documentation and the procedures required to obtain copies. She is also able to assist with the interpretation of military terms. Furthermore, she is sensitive to the emotion that revealing such information may have on the family. Within six weeks, an unexpected wealth of information was revealed about my father who, like many, was reluctant to speak of his war experiences. Thank you, Claire, for totally exceeding all expectations in furthering our understanding about the roles my father played during WW2 in the UK, France and India. With very best wishes, Mary Verdon-Roe

Claire, I had to write with my sincere thanks for all your efforts on our family's behalf. You have really gone above and beyond and brought the story of our Great-Uncle to life for us. Our grandson Josh is ten this year and he has really taken all of this on board. He has asked for a picture of Alfred to put up on his wall - we are all so pleased about this - and he wants to do his next school project on Alfred too. Many many thanks to you. Mr Robert Wells, Glamorgan

Claire, I tried for so long to find out about my Grandad on my own, but every website seemed to be a dead-end. I don't know how you mananged to find out all that you have, but we are all made up about it. I wish I'd found your service years ago! Mrs B. Atwood, Wellborough, Northamptonshire

Dear Claire, I can't believe how little we knew about our Frank. It's amazing how much a person can mean to you, even though you never got to meet him, isn't it? Something tells me you understand this, Claire. I wish I had known then what you have found out for us now. Anne Fogerty, Co Tipperary, Ireland