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How I work...

As each enquiry I receive is so different, it is always best for us to discuss the project before I start work, whether via email or telephone. Once you have commissioned an enquiry from me, I charge just £15 an hour, and most will require three to four hours of work. You are welcome to impose a limit on the hours of work, should you choose, but I will always check with you first before beginning on any potentially more costly lines of enquiry.

The nature of the surviving records concerning your person of interest will determine exactly how much further detail I might be able to uncover for you, and so this is the point at which I will get back to you with my findings; you can let me know at that time how you would like me to proceed.

Please be aware that the extant records of the British armed services are of a vast and eclectic nature, but that paradoxically, there is always the possibility that the subject of your enquiry will have disappeared from them entirely. You will understand, therefore, that I am unable to guarantee you will find exactly what you seek, but I can certainly ensure that if your serviceman is represented in the surviving records, I will methodically collate every trace of him for you.

Military and Civilian Records

In order to be as thorough as it is possibly to be, I will always search for the subject of a military enquiry among the civilian records currently in the public domain as well. The lately released 1911 census (the most recent census available to us) can often offer invaluable (and frequently poignant) insights into the pre-War world of a Great War soldier.


You are welcome to send a personal cheque to me by post; address on application. Alternatively you can send a payment easily and securely to me via PayPal, for which you will only require my email address:poppyresearch@yahoo.co.uk