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I am a professional and conscientious military and genealogical researcher of almost ten years’ experience; I have an abiding affinity with the Great War in particular. I know from personal experience that thinking about hiring a professional researcher can be a daunting and prohibitively expensive exercise, but Poppy Research is a one lady outfit and I work from home, which enables me to keep my fees to a bare minimum.

Although I am able to undertake all areas of military research, I have professional links especially with both the Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich and the Royal Engineers Museum at Chatham, with full access to their substantial archives and resources.

You are most welcome to email or call me with your enquiry for a preliminary discussion, during which we can assess how much we might be able to discover about your person of interest, and therefore how costly an exercise it might prove to be for you. I will not undertake any research that you have not sanctioned in advance, so you need never worry about hidden expense.